Geothermal resource investigation
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We could targetedly carry out preliminary hydrogeological investigation on the basis of geothermal investigation data measured by preliminary measurements in mission areas and by the analysis and testification of feasibility on geothermal development.
We applied the existing geophysical methods to determine the following condition in the mission areas :
-Fracture structure and Distribution features of bedrock;
-Growth status of horizontal and vertical strata;
-Strata thickness, depth and space distribution;
-Geothermal layer character, depth and its combination features;
-We also could offer the drilling deployment plan through our integrative analysis on geothermal geology by combining the layout of building;
-Estimate the water temperature and volume, design the well’s depth and structure;
-Submit the report of geothermal energy investigation;
-Other comprehensive utilization technology related to geophysical exploration services and geothermal energy investigation.

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