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mine goaf investigation in the Yibei coalfield of Yining City, Xinjiang Municipality

         May in 2009, in the Yibei coalfield in Yining City of Xinjiang Municipality,  we tried to use the source of the electricity in TEM method for the exploration of the work out area, and we have completed 4500 points of the coordinates by TEM with one and a half month, finally we have achieved good results. At the same time for the reliability of the results by the source of the electric dipole we contrasted the electric dipole and the magnetic dipole about the source of TEM selecting the part of the profile.


The contrast of and the source of the electric dipole in TEM
The central loop (100*100 meters) (from 320th to 590th points in No.22 line)
The source of the electric dipole in No.22 line (the emissive side of the 1000 meters, the receiver side of the 200 meters)

Note: 1.above figure--the profile map of the voltage about the measuring multi-channels
     2. following figure—the sectional drawing of the isotonic resistivity of the inversion and the analytical goaf and the locality map of the tunnel

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